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kaze hikaru
(Tuesday, Sep 15. 2020 12:05 PM)
For Kaze Hikaru I have raw japanese scans for vol 19-34. I can share them if needed. Looking for 35+ if anyone has a clue lmk!
(Monday, Sep 14. 2020 06:35 PM)
Thank you so much for these wonderful uploads! I wondering if you can help me find raws for Kuroshitsuji? I love you and thank you so much again!
(Thursday, Sep 10. 2020 03:20 AM)
@Azu, OK. I’ll try to find Kaze hikaru
(Thursday, Sep 10. 2020 03:19 AM)
@Kuronuma, no. But if I find it, I will upload it here.
(Sunday, Aug 30. 2020 04:34 AM)
Hello!. Passing by to inquire if maybe you could help me find raws for the latest volumes of Kaze Hikaru? The sites that updated regularly have been taken down :'(

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Facade by Shinohara Udou

[篠原烏童] ファサード 第01-20巻

zip rar free raw manga direct download ダウンロード

Facade by Shinohara Udou v01-04.rar – 575.1 MB
Facade by Shinohara Udou v05-08.rar – 574.6 MB
Facade by Shinohara Udou v09-12.rar – 589.9 MB
Facade by Shinohara Udou v13-16.rar – 606.5 MB
Facade by Shinohara Udou v17-20.rar – 541.1 MB


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