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kaze hikaru
(Tuesday, Sep 15. 2020 12:05 PM)
For Kaze Hikaru I have raw japanese scans for vol 19-34. I can share them if needed. Looking for 35+ if anyone has a clue lmk!
(Monday, Sep 14. 2020 06:35 PM)
Thank you so much for these wonderful uploads! I wondering if you can help me find raws for Kuroshitsuji? I love you and thank you so much again!
(Thursday, Sep 10. 2020 03:20 AM)
@Azu, OK. I’ll try to find Kaze hikaru
(Thursday, Sep 10. 2020 03:19 AM)
@Kuronuma, no. But if I find it, I will upload it here.
(Sunday, Aug 30. 2020 04:34 AM)
Hello!. Passing by to inquire if maybe you could help me find raws for the latest volumes of Kaze Hikaru? The sites that updated regularly have been taken down :'(

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

  1. Q: Are you the one who scanned all of these raw scans found in this website?
    A: NO. I downloaded them somewhere else and upload them here.
  2. Q: Are these scans found here yours?
    A: NO. They’re actually public raw scans. Someone else scanned and distributed to Japanese P2P/site. So any people can download and upload somewhere else too.
  3. Q: When will you update/upload the next volume or next chapter or next magazine release?
    A: Anytime I get a hand on that new volume/chapter/magazine then I will update/upload those new ones here. So just wait and see. If it’s not yet available, then you won’t find it here either.
  4. Q: Can I use the scans on this website for translation/scanlation purpose?
    A: Yes. Refer to 1 & 2. Feel free to use it but if possible refer this website as your raw scans source.
  5. Q: How can I read the manga in this website?
    A: Download the manga you want and save it to your computer. Use extractor software for example 7zip, winzip, winrar. I recommend 7zip since it’s free and can handle both zip and rar file. Most of the manga here are in zip or rar format. Then use image viewer to view the manga images. Some free ones are CDisplay Ex, Picwalker, Irvanview, Fastone. If you like the more sophisticated paid one, you can try ACDsee. For ACDsee, you can browse the zip and rar file with no need to extract it.
  6. Q: What if the file link I want to download is not available anymore?
    A: That means the file hoster removed the file due to inactivity or dmca. You can request or ask me to reupload the file on the specific manga page or in the chatbox.
  7. Q: I found a weird file that has ending 001, 002. What does it mean? How can I extract it?
    A: That is a split file. The file was splitted using HJSplit ( So download the file then you have to merge the file first by using HJSplit. After merging, then you will be able to extract the file by using extractor software mentioned in 5.