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Amelie Gendrin
(Sunday, Jun 13. 2021 11:55 AM)
Request for Blue spring ride アオハライド manga
(Sunday, Jun 6. 2021 07:19 PM)
Request manga Fulldrum
(Monday, May 24. 2021 10:48 AM)
May I have the raws of 復讐の教科書 ? Thanks in advance!!
(Monday, May 3. 2021 05:30 PM)
May I please have the raws of Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana o Kazarō? Thanks in advance!
(Wednesday, Mar 31. 2021 03:33 AM)
Can I please have the raws from after chapter 62 of kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru? If you have English translations from 62 and beyond, please send

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Mangaka to Yakuza by Koda

[コダ] 漫画家とヤクザ 第01-04巻
zip rar free raw manga direct download ダウンロード

Mangaka to Yakuza by Koda – 40.4 MB

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3 thoughts on “Mangaka to Yakuza by Koda”

  1. ayachan says:

    do you have the continuation of this? thanks for sharing!

    1. admin says:

      No. I only have this.

  2. shirokuro says:

    Hi any plans on reuploading the links for this manga?

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